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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091

July 29, 2011

Fishing to open on Salmon Creek in Okanogan County

Action: Opens Salmon Creek to fishing.
Effective dates: Aug. 1 through Oct. 31, 2011.
Species affected: Smallmouth bass and Eastern brook trout.
Location: Salmon Creek from the mouth to Conconully Reservoir Dam.
Reason for action: This section of Salmon Creek has been designated as a recovery stream for ESA-listed steelhead. Sufficient water has been procured for Salmon Creek to attract steelhead to spawn. However, competition and predation by non-native species such as brook trout and smallmouth bass will hinder recovery efforts.
Daily bag/size limits: Smallmouth bass: No size restrictions and daily limit 10. Eastern brook trout: No minimum size and daily limit 10. Selective gear rules are in effect.
Other information: All other trout, salmon, and steelhead species must be released (steelhead may not be completely removed from the water).
Information contact: Bob Jateff, District 6 Fish Biologist in Twisp, (509) 997-0316; or Jeff Korth, Region 2 Fish Program Manager in Ephrata, (509) 754-4624.

Fishers must have a current Washington fishing license, appropriate to the fishery. Check the WDFW "Fishing in Washington" rules pamphlet for details on fishing seasons and regulations. Fishing rules are subject to change. Check the WDFW Fishing hotline for the latest rule information at (360) 902-2500, press 2 for recreational rules. For the Shellfish Rule Change hotline call (360)796-3215 or toll free 1-866-880-5431
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