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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
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July 19, 2011

Skykomish River closes to chinook retention

Action: Close chinook salmon retention on the Skykomish River.

Effective date: July 23 through July 31, 2011.
Species affected: Chinook salmon
Location: Skykomish River from the mouth upstream to the Wallace River.
Reason for action: Chinook brood stock collection at the Wallace River Hatchery is well behind the goal of 3,200 fish. As of July 18, only 597 chinook brood stock had been trapped at the hatchery. The closure of the selective chinook sport fishery on the Skykomish River is necessary in order to fulfill brood stock collection requirements. If the brood stock collection goal is met prior to July 31, the Skykomish River selective chinook sport fishery may resume.
Other information: The Skykomish River from the mouth upstream to the Wallace River will still remain open for hatchery summer steelhead and all other game fish.
Information contact: Jennifer Whitney, District 13 Fish Biologist, (425) 775-1311, ext. 107.
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