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I can't wax as poetically as Ribwart, Fishortho and others so foregive me (and my lack of spell check).
Out Saturday A.M. the concert beacons (headlamps and flashlights lifted and lighted the trail), marking the meat/honey holes; no fires so I guess the camping was at a minimum.

Worked my way away from the lights towards another concert type scenario with no intention of going that far.
Walked and drifted some frog water as I approached my destination, checking my drag, my drift and my baitcasting cast (haven't used in a couple months) don't want to start the day working out a rats-nest.

Get to my spot, cast a blade for a while, I'm somewhat alone, 200 yards from anyone in either direction, nothing.
Gonna change to roe (opened the container I should of checked when I bought it: varnish)
OK, OK, I've got some wool ties but I'm gonna try a Jig first (easier tie on) a few casts and a few casts more......Damn it! waited to long for the swing jig gone.
Sat down and putting on a tie some one goes in below me (He asked, I had no problem).

I move up the run, a few casts later a float down, a head shake a float up, DAMN!
the fellow below me plays and loses one shortly after.

They're moving!

A few more casts; fish on, a splash, a run (Pant, pant) only to lose it just beyond my reach.
A few more casts and the river got thicker with people ( I think the fish were the same)
Boxed in, I decided it was time to move beyond the power strikers.
I only had so much time so it was time to find a more relaxed atmosphere.
Up river I go.

WHAT does this have to do with shades you're asking?

I had a few places in mind but everywhere I passed had way too many vehicles for my likeing.

Driving up, wait.... one car... and Times a ticking......

Gonna check up a little further and come back.
Wasted too much time and the clocks ticking.
I stop back at the one car area which is now two cars.
I gotta get back to town but I at least have to go have a look.

I walk into a spot that I know will give me a steelhead this year ( not last) with 9 people, (hey! there were only two vehicles), power striking through a pool.
As i scope it out deciding my fishing was done for the day there was a gentleman fishing with Crocs.

"anything" I say
"no" he replies.

Looking through a window I point out "there's one there, ahead of that boulder"
He looks at me funny, he can't see it, swings his spoon close but not quite.
Then, beyond us, a monster spring jumps, a loud "OH YA!" is bellowed and he moves down around the corner where the action is.

Did I mention the Crocs he was fishing with were on his feet?
You know the neon sandals with the holes in them.

Looking for windows I put on my polarized glasses ( the inexpensive ones I picked up as spares at Walmart after reading Fishortho's post on them)

It was the fish highway, a trail of fish working there way up to the next obstacle.
I gotta go.
If I can get to my car, get my rod without passing anyone on the trail I'll give myself a few more minutes.
These fish were three feet in off the bank and were being overcast by ten or more feet by the previous fisher.

Dropped my wool tie and watched it get licked way up as I drifted it through the slot.
DAMN! left my vest in the trunk.
Jig, I've got a jig in my hat.

Quick retie, two drifts, BANG! run , a jump, a cartwheel a .... nothing.......

But I gotta go, and the slot is barren of fish.
I break down my rod and as I do the fish get back in line and a crew stumbles down the trail with a cooler and lawn chairs and asks: "catch anything?"
"No" I say, "but I saw them jumping down there"
I wouldn't have even thought to fish it if I couldn't see them.
Polarized glasses are your friend.

Gotta go, damn kids.

I didn't post this because it was some sort of profound revelation but rather, we often take things for granted and other times can be oblivious to what is right in front of us.
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