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Weekend of fishing

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Headed up to the merritt area this weekend with a guy from work, and fished at 4 different lakes. First we hit mammit, where there were lots of fish jumping, but we got chased off by the wind shortly after arriving, and we caught no fish... Next we went looking for a little lake up on the connector that I couldn't find last season, and just as we were about to give up, we found it! It was a really nice lake, but seemed to contain mostly smaller fish, and I had a few shake offs here, but nothing to the boat :-\ The next day we headed to marquart for a few hours, and some people were getting a few, but again nothing for me. Our next stop was the Kane valley, and we spent the night at Harmon lake. I decided to give it a go after I woke up on sunday, and shortly after switching to a green microleech, I landed a 20+ inch rainbow in full colors! That was to be the only fish to the boat for me, but it was a great trip with good weather and I got to try out a few new lakes. :thumbup:
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Thanks for the update Chris...Thought I posted in here yesterday ??? Forum gremlins I guess. Always good to explore new places never know where walter might be hiding :eek: How was the water clarity in Marquart looking? Cant wait to get out :happy: :happy: :happy:


You did, and so did I :eek:

anyhow, clarity was very good for marquart, about 15 ft.
Hmmm maybe a trip up next weekend is in order. Plan to make up for all the lost time, and missing most of the steelie season.

Finder ;D
Good call :beerchug: Let us know how it goes if you do.
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