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Well I got back from 4 days of fishing off the west coast of Vancouver Island in Ucluelet and I am still trying to find my land legs as everything is still moving up and down. The chinook fishing was slow but the fishing for halibut, ling cod and bottom fish was really good. Was able to bring home my limit of all 3. We ended up fishing at the Canadian princess resort which was ok, but wont be doing it again. At some points it felt like sockeye fishing in the ocean as you can have upto 20 people on the boat jigging in 200 feet of water, not exactly my cup of tea. It was fun though as the crews on the boat where alot of fun and so was some of the other guest. Had the most fun on our last trip out yesterday on the coho princess with Keith( captain) and deck hands Morgan and Trevor. Keith got us onto fish for 3.5 hours straight and man did I have a workout reeling in halibut and ling cod. My biggest Halibut was 24lbs and my biggest ling cod was 15lbs. Here is a picture of the Halibut.

We also had Keith as our captain on a bottom fishing trip where he also got us onto fish the entire time and he was able to call some eagles over and did they ever put on a show collecting their dinner.

Now the trips out to the big bank where 2hours out and 2 hours back. You only had about 3.5 hours of actually fishing time. The trips out and back where pretty boring and was mostly spent catching up on some sleep. The last trip with Keith though nobody slept as we where entertained all the way out with dolphins and on the way back with humpback whales breaching everywhere. Here is a picture from some of the Halibut that where caught on our last trip out on Tuesday morning.

And here is a picture of Morgan, one of the deck hands filleting a halibut. Now here is someone that knows how to use a knife. Man I would not want to piss her off :happy:.

So if you do decide to want to give this a try and you go to this resort try to request the boat the coho princess as they will make the day alot of fun and you will be onto alot of fish. We had 18 halibut and 28 ling cod on the boat.
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