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After a fairly positive meeting yesterday with DFO regarding Chinook plan for West Coast Vancouver Island, we are closer to exposing our fishing plan and opportunities for the summer season. The main focus of this process is to protect the small runs of WCVI spawning WILD 4-5 year old Chinook Salmon. These fish are known to travel close to the shore line from mid July through early September, and new measures will be in place to protect these runs of Wild Stock Chinook. Opportunities will be there, but will be time and area sensitive, along with a size restriction to protect Chinook Salmon over 77CM long, which is 98% probability of being a 4-5 year old Fish.
I will try and post under a new header early next week, once these new measures are ratified through another multi-sectoral process.
Meanwhile, I have a growing list of interested anglers e-mails to send info direct. If you are interested, e-mail [email protected].

Stay tuned.

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