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Fished the West Van waterfront with Piperfeltcher today from about 07:30-16:00 hrs, not a sniff.

Used Anchovy in a teaser head, Herring in same also various artificials for Coho-all for zip.

Now the interesting part we saw Fisheries pull over the charter boat Chaos almost under the bridge they were rafted up for a long time then drifted separately for over 40 minutes then rafted again.

I think the charter might have got pinched for using trebles in front of the Cap, people often use them with Anchovy and I know he was using Anchovy with 2 trebles I saw him deploy his gear right beside us. :naughty:

They also pulled over one other boat in the same zone, then left.

So if you're planning on fishing the area Be Advised they're checking for trebles since it's a single barbless only area.
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