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West Vancouver on Sunday.

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Decided to take the boat out and see if I coukd find a coho. My friend and I worked different spoons from just west of the mouth of the Cap along to the end of Dundarave.

Nada, nothing. There were quite a few boats stacked up off the mouth of the Cap itself but we saw nothing being caught. Spoke with a fellow who was there earlier in the day. Pretty much the same report.

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Same here. I fished on the incoming tide for five hours, mostly with anchovies right near the bottom in 70-100' of water. Also a white hoochie and Coyote spoon for a while. A couple of hits and one flounder. I saw only one small spring (maybe even undersized) caught off a small inflatable, but that was it. A couple charter captains told me the same thing - nothing. So why is everybody with a boat still cramming this area?
Fished there Sat afternoon and didn't see any nets out. We trolled from point Atkinson to the Cap and marked a few fish along the way on the sounder. The interesting thing was that east of the pink apt there was absolutely nothing on the sounder, no fish, no bait, nothing. The other interesting thing was when we left the the dock at daybreak, the sounder showed false creek full of fish west of the gas dock, we even saw a large spring jump behind the boat!
That thing about False Creek is pretty interesting. This past spring a guy I know dropped the riggers as soon as the water hit 30 feet as he was leaving the creek. He hit two 20" springs on a double header less than 3 minutes later. Just goes to show..that if there's food..there may be fish.

Once upon a time (a long long time ago) there used to be a very prolific Chum and Coho Run which would enter the creek where Science World now is. Sad to say, but it's truly sad that this run is extinct. Imagine trolling right through False Creek and catching brilliant 10-20 lb Cohos! It was once true! Simply untie yourself from the launch and go on trolling!

Now THAT sounds like fun.
barskull said:
Were those Brewery Cr. fish fishinmagician?
Guess I was wrong..... ::)
yeah I walked the coast line...did not see a single jumper. I still made some casts into it...to no avail. :wallbash:
was there today, thursday, october 1..... sucked big.
20 boats. i didn't see anything caught.
waste of time.
Last weekend I had an interesting 1/2 hour with several coho and several chum jumping around me...oh, and a few seals...flyfishing the beaches. Saw the seals on the kelp beds so I walked a short ways down the beach and fished the shallows nearby thinking the seals would have driven the fish in there. 5 casts in to the new section I was fishing and low and behold I see a seal to my left about 45-50 feet in like 2 feet of water...all the while I am still stripping the fly in...

I look back towards where my fly is...probably only about 20 feet out now...suddenly my heart starts pounding as I see the wake of a fish behind my fly...and the seal pops his head under the surface...the wake stops and a mint bright coho does a cartwheel 2 feet out of the water right where the wake had been...I could have probably lunged forward and smacked it with the end of my rod it was so close... :eek: :wallbash:

Moments later I see the seal playing with his meal... ::) Watched quite a few more fish jump over the next little bit...a few were definitely chum, some coho, and some I couldn't identify at such a short glance...

There were a few more jumpers over the next hour, but nothing too crazy. Just that short burst of adrenaline there...it was worth it.

Don't get me wrong, it definitely isn't something I would expect to see every time I'm out there, but there are schools of fish moving around and there should be more right around the corner...

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Seems to be lots of chum showing up. Lets hope for springs too! :thumbup:
Anyone hittin any chums out there? Incredible openwater fighters, candy in the smoker when ocean caught-one of the best :p
I think a 20lb chum (saltwater) might put up the best fight of all the species.
Bled immediately and eaten that night are pretty good (I like Spring the best).

Unfortuntately, I've never been able to catch a chum over on the west van side.

If anyone has any tips, let's hear them.
Was out on Tuesday, lots of Chum schools surfacing, but didn't see any caught. Saw about 4-5 Springs caught. Saw a guy fighting his fish, and his wife couldn't quite net his big spring. then the Spring took a run under the boat and snapped the rod in half! He still managed to hand line it in, and net it! I was amazed that that fish didn't get off. Has anyone hooked any Chums at Cap?

Just wondering if there has been any sign of coho around Ambleside and the mouth of the Cap with the recent rain?
Gone up the river. The river is smokin' high and if there were any Cohoes hangin' around..they're gone..and there's enough water coming out of there that anything that arrives is G-O-N-E.

We're done!
Fished west van today got 2 ,a 10 and 15 it was a real nice day to fish
Hey well I bought a reel of ebay and the people that sent it to me ,also sent a white and pink with spackle back radiant hoochie,so I thought Id try it and both fish hit it ,combined with a whit /green flasher at 40 feet
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