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Since I tend to ramble a bit, I will try and keep this as short as possible. Friday was our annual Fraser River Sturgeon trip. Four close friends, Ogobogo and my two boys descending to the Fraser and met our guide at the Mission boatlaunch at the designated time and hit the river shortly after sunrise.

Ten minutes of coffee and donuts and then wham! :eek: The rod dips, stutters then bends towards the river. Wait, wait wait, then hookset. What a battle...My good friend Wayne was into his first sturgie aver and a big one at that. When the yahooing and backslapping had finished a nice five footer was getting his scan, and measurements done. ;D

Right after the release, another hit, another fish, then another and another! The second boat (we were four to a boat) was now into their first fish of the day, and they managed to land 6 or 7 more before the end of the day. :D :D

The best action, between the bad jokes and the refreshments was later in the day when both boats hooked some big fish in the 7 foot range, and I am sorry to report, the winner was not our boat for the biggest, that came in just under 7 feet.

The largest sturgeon I have ever seen on the end of a rod was the 2nd last fish of the day and once the hook was set into what felt like a fully loaded cement truck, the line went streaking thru the water and we all prepared ourselves for the mighty fish to break water, and boy did it ever....A monster fish of 9-10 feet with a girth much larger than me came clean out of the water!! It then returned to the bottom after running 40 50 yds of line off the reel, then headed for the surface once again, where we got a second look at this magnificent specimen..HUGE is all I can say! :eek:
...Several other boats saw this big fish and when it sounded a second time with Wayne still hanging on for dear life, it ran another 50-100 yds of line off the reel and broke the line well above the terninal gear, (probably went under a log or tree on the bottom, as the line was frayed for 4-6 feet above the break)
Final tally for the day 21 sturgeon to the boats and three long line releases and one monster break off.... :'(......What a day with my friends on the mighty Fraser!

Sunday, I had made arrangements to fish with Centerpin on the Harrison. I met him at his house and we launched at Island 22 then accross to the Harrison. Our plan was to fish gear and the flyrods and hopefully hit a coho or two, a big spring, and maybe a sturgie as well as the abundant chum.

A quick stop at the mouth of the river produced some early action with both of us catching several chums and one other fish that ran for the deep water and became unbuttoned. Following this stop we headed upstream to a few coho spots and unpacked the flyrods in the backwaters which proved fruitless. (for coho, anyway)

It was then off to the deepwater to backtroll some plugs and some large Koho & Ironhead spoons and in a few miutes we had our first big battle of the day.
I was using my lightweight Temple Fork 11 footer with my older Abu spooled with 15 lb. Ultragreen and 8lb. flurocarbon leader.

I told 'pin this was a very large fish and after 20 min. we went to shore and landed a very beefy white spring in the 30 lb. range. After a few minutes of revival, the mighty fish tore out of Brads hands and back into the deep water.

Between a few other hookups for both of us,including a smallish coho in the 3-5 lb. range and a couple of chasers that turned away at the boat, I hooked another huge spring that really tested the gear. Once again we were able to land it and it turned out to be bigger than the first!

Sturgeon time!!!.......we had seen a number of fish surface and a few others on the ends of lines on our way travelling the river, so we decided to give it a try...Down went the heavy weight and some nice roe and in spite of our best efforts, and an hr. of waiting,we came up empty...

By 6pm it was time to hit the river and a short spin back to the launch , load the boat, and hit the road by 6:15 with darkness closing in.
What a great day!! Thanks, Brad for showing me some parts of the river I havn't yet seen....Looking forward to another fine day on the flow with you sometime.......Ortho....... 8)

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Well it would be hard to top that day, fishing wise. Coho, spring, chum and sturgeon in one day! Nice. And you were fishing with a close friend and family which makes it even more worthwhile. I will have to give the back trolling with the hardware a try.
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