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I think these are pretty much in the range. I was talking to him the other day and he mentioned he just had to bump them a bit due to increased fuel costs...can't remember how much he bumped them. This one is run out of Sewells at Horseshoe Bay.

Salmon Fishing Charters:

The Predator generally carries up to four anglers/guests, and all charters include fuel, tackle, bait, and the cleaning and bagging of the day's catch.

2007 rates (effective March 1st, 2007) based on "up to 3 anglers/guests" are:

5 hours (minimum trip): $450.00 + GST

Additional hours: $80.00 + GST

A fourth person can be added for an additional $25.00 + GST

Inquire about Salmon Fishing Charters here, or call 604.329.8642
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