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TheBigGuy said:
I would agree, if their was a little consistency in the policy being applied. Don't commercial sales belong on the advertisers forum or classifieds section?. Isn't a post regarding local Salmon conservation issues more pertinent to BC sport fishers than a petition on Asian Dolphin conservation issues. These other off topic posts haven't been relocated from the saltwater fishing forum. Why not leave the fish farm post in the Saltwater forum. It is clearly more pertinent to the local saltwater fisherman than several others currently on the saltwater forum. If people aren't interested in the topic, they don't have to read the post.

Not trying to start an argument, but if fish farming isn't relevant topic for the saltwater forum, how are the other ones more appropriate.
It has been moved to the appropriate section of the site. Unfortionatly from time to time we do miss things, we are only human!! ::)
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