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TheBigGuy said:
Let me start by saying, I have been a member of this forum for a while now and have found it a great resource. The moderators on the board do a great job, and most of the discussions are kept fairly civilized with their oversight. I have a great respect for the job they do. However, I was a little surprised to see a post regarding fish farming immediately moved from the saltwater board.

I am not a member of the posters organization, but I do feel the post directly relates to saltwater fishing. To move it to the obscure environmental issues and fishing politics forum seems a disservice to the poster, and the salmon resource he is trying to protect. At the top of the saltwater forum is a sticky post regarding dolphin harvesting in Asia. Is that not also an "environmental issue" ? yet it has remained on the top of the saltwater forum for months. Looking down a couple of posts I see an advertisement of reels for sale by a local company in the saltwater forum.

I don't understand why these other posts are considered appropriate, yet a post regarding Salmon conservation is removed from this forum. I would think the issue of fish farming concerns a lot of Saltwater fishers. Banishing the post seems a little bit of an over reaction. Just my opinion.
I am a bit surprised at the posters reaction. I agree that the dolphin issue should have been moved to the environmental forum, but the environmental category was added quite a while after the dolphin thread was started and pinned. I guess we got used to seeing it there and never thought to move it. The pacific anglers ad has been moved as well. In the pas couple of weeks, I have moved 3 different PA ads to the advertisers section from other areas of the site. I do take a little offense at TheBigGuy's reference to "the obscure environmental issues and fishing politics forum" (italics mine). What is obscure about it. It is a forum that concerns all members. There are many members (myself included) that might fish saltwater once every few years or less. We try to put issues of interest to all members in areas all members are likely to check. I don't see the rationale in considering this move a "banishment". The decline in salmon populations is as great a concern for freshwater anglers as it is for salties. They do return to spawn in freshwater and are targetted pretty actively by freshwater anglers at that time. "I would think the issue of fish farming concerns a lot of Saltwater fishers." I would hope so. I would also hope that "a lot of Saltwater fishers" would understand that this concerns many more people as well.
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