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Hi guys,

This just came across my desk and looks like a good way for people from the Langley area to learn more about what is happening with wild salmon in their 'hoods.

Please read the info below if interested.


The Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council (PFRCC) invites you
to an evening meeting, scheduled for Fort Langley, on Monday, March 3.

Titled "What is happening to wild salmon in your community?", this
meeting will be an opportunity to share current information on natural
and human influences on wild salmon, such as the effects of climate
warming and changes in water use, land and resource use, and salmon

PFRCC Council members will be present and the meeting will include a
brief presentation, but the majority of time will be spent asking
participants to share their local knowledge and answers to the following

- How are wild salmon stocks doing in your area?
- How is climate change affecting salmon stocks in your area (e.g.
increases in water temperature, stream and
river flow changes, ocean productivity, etc.)
- What are the most pressing fisheries issues in your area? Ideas
related to fisheries management,
stewardship, habitat protection and research are welcome.
- What is the impact of changes in water, land and resource use on
salmon stocks and their habitat?
(e.g. agricultural run-off, development, logging, urban development,
- What does this mean for salmon management? What needs to be done to
adapt to these changes?

The meeting is open to the public. There is no charge to attend, but
pre-registration is appreciated. To pre-register or for more
information, go to PFRCC's website: www.fish.bc.ca
<http://www.fish.bc.ca/> .

PFRCC is an independent advisory body whose mandate is to alert and
inform governments and the public on issues which threaten the
achievement of conservation objectives for Pacific salmon and their

Invitations to the meeting are being sent to stream stewardship groups,
hatchery volunteers, community and environmental groups, recreational
and commercial fishing interests, students, and different levels of
government, including First Nations.

6:30 pm to 7:00 pm - Open house, displays, coffee and sandwiches,
informal networking with Council members 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm - Brief
presentation followed by discussion between Council members and

Date and Location
Fort Langley - Monday, March 3
Fort Langley Community Hall
9167 Glover Road

Please take a moment to pre-register by going to: www.fish.bc.ca
<http://www.fish.bc.ca/> or www.fish.bc.ca/community_registration
<http://www.fish.bc.ca/community_registration> . This is not required,
but would be appreciated. Knowing the number of attendees in advance
will help us to plan a more effective meeting.

If you have questions about the meetings, please contact our meeting
coordinator, Dave Peterson, by email at [email protected] or by phone
at 604-677-2759.

We hope you will be able to participate!


Paul LeBlond
PFRCC Council Chair
[email protected]
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