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Hey I was up in the Logan Lake area over the weekend and fishing wasn't bad. Sunday I thought about exploring Island (Big OK) Lake, but needed to get back to Vancouver not to late in the day, so I decided on a lake closer to the Hwy 5. Island (Big OK) will have to be on the next trip.

From some Google searches I believe I would access Island (Big OK) Lake from the North/West end of the Highland Valley Copper Mine tailing ponds. Is it Laura Lake Rd that people use? The Backroads mapbook makes it look like there may be access through the mine area, but I don't see this mentioned anywhere else. I assume that if I enter from North/West of the tailing ponds that I would then follow the roads along the back side of the mine. I guess my questions are: "Is Laura Lake Rd the right entry point?" and "Once off the Hwy what is the travel time into the lake?"

P.S.: While out this weekend I tried the Pumpkin Head Leach pattern on a sinking line. Sitting just in the shallows, I cast into the deep water. Retrieving the fly up the ridge after it sunk I found excellent results. Take a look at this pattern. There is an example of it at the end of the video on http://www.tunkwalakeresort.com/local-northwestoutdoors.php.
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