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What's happening at Stave?

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First I would like to change my user name to "Cpt-Hook( How do I do this) and secondly is there any thing going on at the Stave River. :D
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Keep it simple: create a new username.
Dam is shut off, they're doing fish habitat reconstruction stuff, Water is super low, I've been snorkelling down there and getting a whole hoard of gear :D While snorkeling I've seen a ton of HUGE suckers, lots of white fish, and a few trout/juvenile salmon.
I was one of those guys working in the Stave river doing the salmon restoration :roll: :roll: .... We're all done now and the damn should be wide open any day now..
Thanks for the info- Tight lines to all!!!!
i heard now for the past few years now and talking with people that fish the stave that coho are caught in the system as early as labour day long weekend! sound about right? could be!

The earliest that I have ever seen them is the very end of september, could be some in the mouth earlier than that I guess.
Anyone been into the stave since the gates on the dam have opened up?
Yes I was down there twice this past week looking for early springs and chum, I was catching them there in early september last year. I'm hoping there will be some next week, I'll let you know if I see any. I did see a couple largemouths in there when I was snorkeling though, a few of them were pretty big. I tried to catch them, but I could only get them to follow my offerings to the shore. Maybe next time.
Went to the stave again today, no signs of any fish yet, went to silvermere for an hour and caught 2 small bass.
anybody hear anything or have any info from the stave lately under the dam??
The Stave is VERY quiet right now. If it keeps raining and the temperature of the rivers continue to drop, then the fish will start to arrive....The Stave always has a few fish around but the bulk of the coho and chum are still a few weeks away.....All systems are awaiting the BIG RAIN!!.........Then look out!....Ortho 8)
I was there today for a few hours, I caught 1 jackspring, and a bunch of squa fish :evil: . I also saw a few full size salmon playing around. They are in there now and it will only get better 8)
Will be at the Stave on Sunday to search for some early Ho's and chum. Planning on bringing the canoe to explore the islands down from the toilet bowl. That will be great to get away from the Gong show that will be starting very shortly.
Was out today on the Stave. No action anywhere, no fish seen anywhere.
Saw a seal though right near the Toilet Bowl :cry:
i just got back from the stave about an hour ago saw some fish jumpin around but didnt get a good look at them so i dont know what they were but there in there aleast a little
Where abouts on the Stave, up top or down low?
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