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I finally got the chestpack I wanted and I started loading it with all my gear. That got me wondering what others load into their packs/vests.

Here's my list:
leader wallet
fly floating spray
knot tool
wet & dry fly boxes
spare reel (sinking line)
tippet spools
hook sharpener
rain jacket
license (in a ZipLoc bag)
cell phone
small first aid kit
signal mirror
mini gerber tool
LED flashlight
Zippo lighter

Let's hear what you've got :thumbup:

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Wow, you got a lot in there...or so I thought, until I thought about what I have in my float tube pockets, and my vest. Here goes:

- Warm fishing gloves
- Sun gloves (b/c I'm in the Okanagan!!)
- spare spool w/line
- aquarium net
- trout net
- lisence and boat lisence
- leader
- tippet
- hemostats/knot tying tool/line clippers
- fly floatant
- fly sink
- whistle
- leader straightener
- foam floats for chironomid fishing!

I know I left a few out. Have cell phone for mp3's! Oh, and the camera of course!

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Um i have:

Dead salmon heads
a bunch of old roe
ten walmart flies
emty beer cans
a five foot piece of 60 pound braid
a book on how to win the lottery
a couple of rocks
Hundred trebles found on the capilano rivers cable pool
and a box of condoms

lol seriously i like my fishing methods... :thumbup:

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I drift fish as often as I fly fish so on my vest I have:

a hook sharpener
a clipper / nail knot tool
my filet knife in a sheath with attached sharpener
fishing gloves
a small bonker in the back pocket
pencil lead
needle nose pliers
6lb 10lb and 20lb mono
4lb 6lb and 15lb fly leader / tippet
gink bottle
small fly box
small hook / swivel / bead / split shot box
yarn box
small scissors for yarn
5 or 6 dink floats
pack of pink worms, pack of gooey bobs, about 5 or 6 packs of different jigs
small box of colorado style blades
my fishing sunglasses in a case

... and I always wonder why my shoulders hurt so bad after a day of fishing......

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Just packed up the chet pack for the first trip on Sunday.
Three small fly boxes
1 nymph
1 dry flies
1 wooly buggers and streamers
2 spools of tippet (4lb floro, 2lb maxima)
collapsible cup
strike indicator putty
2 spare leaders
2 tips for the 6wt 2-hander I just got
1 protein bar
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