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I drift fish as often as I fly fish so on my vest I have:

a hook sharpener
a clipper / nail knot tool
my filet knife in a sheath with attached sharpener
fishing gloves
a small bonker in the back pocket
pencil lead
needle nose pliers
6lb 10lb and 20lb mono
4lb 6lb and 15lb fly leader / tippet
gink bottle
small fly box
small hook / swivel / bead / split shot box
yarn box
small scissors for yarn
5 or 6 dink floats
pack of pink worms, pack of gooey bobs, about 5 or 6 packs of different jigs
small box of colorado style blades
my fishing sunglasses in a case

... and I always wonder why my shoulders hurt so bad after a day of fishing......
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