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Since the first time Pacific Angler staff, Jason and Dimitri, tested the prototype Abel Mooching Reel over a year ago they’ve been waiting for the final product. While there were a few minor adjustments to be made the guys were excited about Abel’s first ever mooching reel.

A year later and Pacific Angler just received the first shipment of the Abel Mooching Reel. The first impression was, sexy! Abel has made their name in the quality of their reels. Every component of their reels are manufactured in their factory in California, USA. Check out this amazing video of how an Abel reel is made – Abel Video.

The new Abel Mooching Reel features a rugged drag knob and size able handles which are ideal for fishing for salmon on the west coast.

These reels just came out so availability is very limited. If you want to check out this amazing new reel make sure to come down to Pacific Angler now. You can even design your own custom reels to match your boat.
Another new and cool product that Pacific Angler just received is the Smith Creek Rod Clip.

This is a great looking accessory that is winning awards at all of the shows. To see how it works click on the link to check out the video –Smith Creek Rod Clip. This is the perfect accessory to free your hands when tying knots, landing a fish, or just drinking a coffee.

Make sure to come by the shop at 78 East Broadway, Vancouver to check out all of the new gear at Pacific Angler. You can also talk to our friendly staff over the phone @ 604-872-2204.
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