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Well, it’s that time of year! It looks like the rivers are out of shape with all this rain we’ve got over the last couple of days and warmer weather to boot. But as the steelhead rivers come on the rise it’s time to start thinking about planning some trout fishing trips and get out on the saltwater.
In preparation of the lake fishing season Pacific Angler has stocked up on all of your lake fishing needs. We offer the best selection of trout flies in Vancouver, extensive selection of fly rods, reels, & lines. And we’ve also got the spinner fishermen covered with setups ranging from $50.00 and upwards. So no matter what your level or choice of tackle the boys will be able to help you out with the best service in the business.

Pacific Angler offers a great range of quality fly fishing products

As well as quality spinning rod/reel packages!

Pacific Angler has been working hard at building the most extensive selection of flies for not only our local fisheries but for more exotic fisheries such as Cayo Romano in Cuba. The boys are busy putting out a large trout fly order that we received yesterday as I write this article.

The one fishery that the boys at the shop have really enjoyed lately is the local crabbing. On Sunday I met up with a few good friends, dropped some crab traps and within two hours pulled them up. Our traps were full with our limit of large dungeness crabs. Needless to say we enjoyed an amazing dinner with fresh crab, melted garlic butter, and fresh bread.

Not many Vancouverites know they have an amazing opportunity to catch large crabs right at our doorstep. This is not only a fun activity but a great way to save a bit of cash and prepare a local meal for your friends. If you have any crabbing questions don’t hesitate to drop by the store. The boys are all experienced crabbers and the store is fully stocked with the latest and greatest crabbing & prawning gear.

The best selection of crab traps in Vancouver

Pacific Angler can not wait for the saltwater season to get into full gear. We’ve heard some great reports last week. Make sure to give us a visit to top up on your favorite gear!!!
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