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Whats the best size rod for lake trolling

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using a ford fender rig???? I hate the short rods .... Just wondering if a 10' rod is a bit to much.....May seem like a dumb question but I am very new to lake trolling and wondering about the drag??????????????
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Where I am from, out east, it all depends on what you are trolling for and if weights are used. Small fish near the surface can be fished with a 6 ft rod. That is the type of rod you would hold in your hand and it would be better to feel the take.
I would say a 8ft6inch rod would be a good fit. When trolling fenders it causes a lot of extra drag so make sure the rod has enough back bone to handle it. Good luck
I havn't been out lake trolling in a while. But I love my 7'6" Ugly Stick Lite. It's light enough to handle small fish, and still have a good time, and I even took it out for chum, and landed them no problem.
Thanks guys will probably go for the 8'6"....Happy Fishing :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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