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What's up with the Capilano?

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Over the recent I have known the Cap to blowout at least once or twice but what
I have witnessed lately unnerves me.Usually after the first or second blowout when the water gets high it stays relatively clear but lately she has stayed chocolate brown for days now. Can anyone tell me why this is? I know that we ahvw had record rain this year but to stay this dirty for so long bewilders me.Even after the first blowout when she cleared up it was still a brown tea colour.I'm just wondering if there was a mud slide in the upper river that's the cuase of this boil water advisery. Can anyone shed some light on this situation?

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My guess is it is the same thing that happens to the Seymour. That is, there are numerous slides into the reservior itself.

I was going to fish the cap this afternoon, but levels are way down, and I noticed the lack of visibility and now I'm not so sure....Is it as bad as the camera portrays?
I was at the cap yesterday and yes the pictures are acurate. I would say less than a foot of visibility. It seemed to be clearing a bit towards the end of the day but still pretty bad. I took a trip up to the hatchery and there was little to no action of any fish coming through.
Thanks srethy...For the life of me guys, I can't remember what minimum flows on the jim sibleys camera relate to fishable flows downriver...I always thought my rule of thumb was anything over 3 feet, but old age and a poor memory seem to be causing me grief here, and I think maybe it was anything 2 feet and over... :lol:
right now the river is just under 2 feet, that would make the canyon sections of the river more like a lake wouldn't it?
Can Anyone refresh my memory?
I herd the Cap water shed had something like 3-4 slides into it with the last heavy rain. Then the reason the water was so high is the GVRD was trying to get the lake lower :oops: One minute they want to keep back water then the next they want to drain the lake :roll: :roll:

Time get someone other then the GVRD looking after the dam.

I feel sorry for the fish that spawned in the river just before the rise in river :evil: :oops:
If the water is trickling over the cement slab, the water is perfect.....just the clarity to deal with...........Just fish gear under a float and cover lots of ground....Ortho 8)
Cap_Slayer said:
I herd the Cap water shed had something like 3-4 slides into it with the last heavy rain. :evil: :oops:
I don't know what the count is this year, but a few years ago, after just one heavy rain, there were almost 30 slides into the Seymour reservior!

Well if they"GVRD" are like DFO and lie then I bet you there is a whack of slides up there right now to make Cap Lake the colour it is, as there is no way three slides can do that to a lake the size of Cap Lake
I cant believe the season for the cap this year. Horrible. From next to no water in the system to flood levels over night to complete mud water. Looking through my journal the latest the rains came in the past 7 years were the middle of October. This year it was into November.
It was slides into cap lake that have done this to the river. I dont know why the resivoir has to be completely full to let water out so the salmon can come up. We live in a rain forest, the rain will come. The resivoir can wait, the salmon cant. And even when the salmon make an attempt to go up the river in low water they are picked off by the wiers. I dont know, just a rant.
Drove over the Cap this morning and it is as low as I have seen it since last month and yes it is still a runny mud puddle! Man the gov't is not keeping their end of an agreement they made when they built the Dam!

Well Hot Rod,

There is an old indian saying..


I wish that monster would be taken down, as she has some good cracks in her :oops:
I am fairly certain that concern for the rivers fish stocks is more of a nuisance to GVRD managers than anything else...

My concern is, with such extreme changes in volume of flow, that salmon and steelhead fry will be washed up into the trees and die up there when they turn off the tap...in fact I have no doubts this already happens quite frequently...a friend of mine was up there a couple of weeks ago and found a dead steelhead smolt on a path that had been flooded the day before...

The adult salmon and steelhead will find spots in the river to shelter themselves from high water, or they will get washed downstream and then swim back up again, but the little guys, I fear, don't have the strength to survive such fluctuations.

The current mud flowing in the cap right now doesn't lend itself to good fishing, and I have postponed my trip up there for now...I know there are some good fish to be had in there, as I had fished last week under really good water volume and flow conditions, and spotted fresh fish coming in and even landed one...unfortunately, we, and the fish themselves, depend on the dam far too much it seems...and are at its masters' mercy.
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Cap_Slayer said:
Well if they"GVRD" are like DFO and lie then I bet you there is a whack of slides up there right now to make Cap Lake the colour it is, as there is no way three slides can do that to a lake the size of Cap Lake
That really depends on the size of the slides. As an engineering geologist I have worked on slides that are several hectares in size to those that are less then 0.25 hectares. Check out this abstract with respect to a recent landslide on the Copper River near Terrace http://www.springerlink.com/content/u68150u06x163164/ . As you may or may not be aware, the Copper is still one of the best fishing rivers in the Terrace area.


Its a huge dissapointment with the rains we've recieved here on the north shore this november, and all we can do is just hope we get little rain for the next while (unlikely) :? Just get out there and do your best and have a little bit of fun with those fish that are still in the river. I sure hope there isnt any more slides into the lake, because the colour isnt great for the fishing. Hopefully it clears up and everyone has a nice day on the Cap with the fishies. :lol: Hey CS, you up for wednesday on the cap? Shoot me a Pm and we can discuss it.

Good luck out there everyone -Cap Mano-
Cap Mano,

Still fighting the dam flu :oops:,

I need to get back to work hitting ebay to much for fishing gear :twisted: :lol: 8)
went to the cap again, went last weekend, 3-0 inches visabillity, hooked 2 jack springs, lost a chum and friend hooked one, all fish let go! This time water alot clearer! Hooked 1 black coho, 10 black spring, and 1 silver jack. Don't need the fish so let them go. River has dropped alot!
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