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Hey guys,

I got into this little discussion on another website when I was asking about shore fishing. I was told a couple of very interesting stories about the fall fishing for pinks. Stories that actually made my jaw drop...

So I decided to ask on this website to see if I get the same feedback.

What is your best day or week or pink salmon fishing here in BC?

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Not that I was targetting them, but was trolling in the Charlottes for Chinooks and the odd Coho to keep things interesting. Was fishing away, then started getting fish after fish after fish. Pink city! Basically, NON stop for as long as you wanted to fish it. Unlimited as fast as you could get the rods in the water.

Then got tired of getting "pinked", and decided we'd take a break in the action and I'd show my guests the commercial method of purse seining of which 2 seiners decided they'd go for a piece of the action.

Watched one set land about 5000 pieces, of which they said 10 were Springs.

Best day for pinks? Too numerous to count, and too many fish to count.

If I want a pink, I'll buy one from the Save On Foods for $2/fish.

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When we are lalking about "Pinks" in numbers,we're not talking thousands,we're not talking millions, heck
we're not even talking tens of millions. We're talking in the hundred of millions and thats not inclueding
the fifty million sockeye, few million chum and probably just under a million red and white springs. Of course
all numbers are approximate...... :eek:    I have heard stories and seen first hand the mass volume of fish
entering the lower Fraser and it at times is a sight to behold.
....There is one day in particular in August a few years back when driving home along river road in Delta
when the two way traffic started to slow thinking there must be an accident which means a huge 12km.
detour  :-\....The vehicles came to a complete stop with no problem in sight when I noticed all the arms
pointing out the windows northward. When I turned my head the river was like it was on a full rolling
boil....no lie.  If you ever heard of so many fish in the river you could cross on thier backs, this was what
we saw.
This doesn't always happen but when the "Pinks" show up anything is possible...

........This is just one expearience of many...and lets hope we have many more... ;)

                ........Cheers.....Marko..... ;D 

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my best pink day was when my daughter caught her first real fish on her own, she was 5 years old 6.5 ft rod and casting a pink spoon in the lower fraser and she hooked and landed he own pink.

Best day of fishing yet, Man I love pinks :peace:

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It's always cool when you can take a kid out fishin'...they're so full of energy, enthusiasm and curiosity. Then when you get to see the excitement on their faces when they've finally caught a fish, it's priceless. :happy: One of the most rewarding experiences you could have, especially, I would imagine, when the child is your own. :thumbup:

One of things I find is most refreshing, is the open mindedness they display. They carry none of the preconceptions we, as adults, do. You don't hear a kid labelling someone a "beak", or thrashing some minority group. They don't purposefully abuse fish, or push their way a round a river as if it's theirs, and they can show us a lot about ourselves and how we change over the years.

Sharing a days fishing with a kid is awesome, and inevitably brings a smile to anyone's face once they get to do it. Those of you who have kids, likely know how fortunate you are.

Putting your daughter in front of hundreds of thousands of fish wasn't a bad idea either Jimmy... :thumbup:
Taking kids to fisheries that will allow them the greatest chance of getting a fish on the end of their line will always help to make the day more memorable and enjoyable for all.

I have fished for pinks periodically over the years, and what most say here is true. The numbers can be endless. I recall my last trip for pinks, several years ago, it was to the zipperlip river to flyfish for them. You could cast to the outside of a school and do a quick retrieve with just about anything pink and watch as a speedy little salmon would come charging out of the group to smash your little fly...There was no point in counting how many times this happened. :eek:

So when the original poster here said some of the stories he's heard made his jaw drop, I can only say this. I assure you that just about everyone's jaw drops too the first time they fish for them, but after their umpteenth fish, the excitement lowers back down to a dull roar... ;D

Just remember, although the pink salmon, (like the chum), are not widely considered prize gamefish, like coho, springs, or steelhead, the runs are critical to the survival of all the species we fish for, in any river. I am sure many of you know this already, but the sheer numbers of these fish spawning, and dying on their redds every year, contributes directly and indirectly, the vast majority of the nutrients a river needs to be healthy.

Catch and release any fish you do not intend to keep, very carefully, to allow each fish the best possible chance to survive to spawn. The migration stage of their lifecycle is one of the toughest stages they go through in terms of survival. Often when we fish for them water temps are up, levels are low, and any number of other factors contribute against that survival.

Help them along by:

  • not snagging them,
  • not overplaying them, get them to shore as quickly as possible...
  • and reviving them carefully before letting them go!

They are great fun and easy to catch, but still deserve as much care and respect as any of the other species we fish for.

Take a kid fishing! ;D


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if you are planning on keeping pink salmon, you should clean them and get them on ice ASAP. They go soft very quickly after you kill them. They will smoke or bake fine if proper care is taken after you kill it.
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