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People who like bass or have an intrest in the bass fishing industry bring them in... just as rainbow trout have been brought to every continent but Antartica (with the weather the way it is they will be there too). I know it sound cinical but every bass boat I have seen has at least one big live well. And truely places like Cabelas would love to only have to stock bass gear. It is the International Bass Pro Shop Conspearacy!
But in all seriousness very few bass move to new systems on their own. The great majority are brought by people who think they are doing good... just as brook trout were brought here by the gov. and salmon were put in the great lakes (however, I am in favor of salmon in the great lake, it a classy fish).
Oh, and a fish like bass can live in low O2 water that is warm, ware as tourt or say the fickles of all herring will die in warm O2 water. The water in a live well does not need to circulate persay, if it just slop around when the boat is pulled that put O2 in the water. But that is only the cass for accidental transplant, most people know what they are doing.
Have fun, Jason
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