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where to fish

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:roll: Hey there! Just wondering where some good spots are to fish. What's the best or easiest setup to use. (b)[/b]
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ust wondering where some good spots are to fish
In the water.

What's the best or easiest setup to use.
Rod, line and hook. :wink: :wink:

Seriously, there is a wealth of information on this forum answering just those questions. Browse through and get an idea of what you want from the posts. Or be more specific. What do you want to target, steelhead, cutties, rainbows, bass, etc? Where do you want to fish, stillwater or streams? Where in the province are you located or are willing to travel to? What do you have in the way of fishing gear? Without a little background the above answers are about all I can give.
you're a comedian professori. i thought you caught fish in the sewers, with string, safety pins and corn?
Tried that but they tasted funny. :D :D
Anyway, the area i'm interested in fishing is vedder river,canal. :p Just wanted to know what a good setup is. Floaters, string, worms :?:
:wink: :wink: and of course a fishing rod :wink:
First off Debzee...If you're going to fish the canal or lower Vedder it closes for gear fishing May 1st, when it becomes flyfishing only....Now, what to use? Well here's the short version of my recommendations:
Rod: 10.5 ft minimum length, medium action drift rod...I use an 11.5 ft sage
Reel: Baitcaster or centerpin reels are good, should have around 200-300 yd capacity
Line: you'll want a heavier mainline (reel) like 12 or 15 lb test and a lighter leader line, like 6-10 lb test
Hooks: I usually use sizes 2 or 4, unless I'm fishing spinner then it's a 2/0 siwash
Floats: There are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, a good starter type is the foam "dink" floats that are
common around here....they're inexpensive and easy to use.
Weight: Pencil lead is easiest, but split shot are good too

Put a float on your mainline, tie on a swivel-leave a tag end on there to attach your pencil lead, then tie a leader of the lighter line at about 16-24 inches in length with whatever you want to present to the fish....this can include a hook with just bait (salmon roe)on it, spinners, yarn, worms (real and/or plastic), single eggs, shrimp, etc, etc, etc

Any Tackle shop can give you a good starting setup and info on techniques to get you on your way...
Hope this helps,
Good luck!
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:D thank you very much for some good info. all is better than none.if anyone else has :idea: then let me know :D
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