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where to go???

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Just started fishing, only fished around Vancouver. Finally getting some time off work. Wondering where the best place to go would be. Want to go the Island ,keeping in mind this would be our first time fishing on the coast. Looking for camp site and place to park boat and safe area's to fish. Safe being the key word here for first trip. We have a Habercraft 2525, gps radar etc. Thank you in advance.
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hey there. if you plan on going to the island and are inexperienced then head up the to the North Island. Port Mcneill, Hardy. I spent a week camping up there at Alder Bay resort. great place to camp, have their own boat launch, close to all the places to fish. I am by no means a fishing expert but if you are not experienced i wouldnt go to the west coast. The fishing wasnt the best, a few caught, numerous halibut, but it is slow but enjoyed the time on the water and the beautiful scenery.
Hey Nowork,

Usually China Creek (Port Alberni) is very good this time of year for big springs and coho. But the tourney is on on the long weekend so you dont want to be there then , way to many people and boats. However, on sept 2 they all leave and the camp site is just about empty.
China Creek is a very very very clean site and excellent facilities , including ramp, doc, store, ice .
You can get more info if you type in your search engine, CHINA CREEK PORT ALBERNI .
You can fish the Canal easily with a few other boats in the area for added comfort. The best fishing is about 1/4 - 2 miles from the marina by water and is within a narrow Canal (about 1/4 mile wide).
Its a great area and usually I come home with a sping or two and a couple of coho.

Good luck
Cape R
O ya China Creek from Departure Bay in Nanaimo is about a 1 1/2 drive , with paved road until you hit Port Alberni then 18 klms by grave from PA to CC
Thanks for information. What do you think about Banfield for a rookie?
I would recommend you first of all tackle China Creek and then go out the canal to Bamfield.

Always keep in mind MOTHER NATURE and you will be fine, also make sure you carry a VHF on board.

If you are Leary about the ocean fishing I would recommend you take a power squadron course , I did because 20 years ago all I fished was in

Well enjoy the coast and GOOD LUCK ,,,,,,, ITS ALL FUN

Cape R
nowork....as resilient said; don't rush out from the Wild West Coast too quickly. It's tough to tell without knowing your experience running a boat. You definitely have a dependable craft there but once you start running offshore, that boat can seem pretty tiny and insignificant.

As resilient said....China Creek might not be too bad to start out and play it by ear with the weather reports. Ukie and Tofino leave you pretty exposed but in good weather with what seems like "good electronics" on your boat you may not be too bad as the fishing has been pretty good around the 5-7 mile mark (that's off Tofino).

As get's said many, many times to people questioning on this forum as to "where to go" or "should I......"; STAY within your comfort level and don't push it. If you're fishing you want to enjoy yourself.....not second guessing yourself. The most important thing.....EVEN more important than catching fish ;)........is getting home safe. :peace:
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