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Whistler fly guides

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Im looking to book a half day fly fishing guide for some trout fishing for some family in whistler next week.... hopefully the birk or something like that, does anyone have any experience with Whistler Flyfishing or Valley Guides.. trying to pick who to go out with,

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Give Brian Niska at Whistler Flyfishing a call, he's knows that area like the back of his hand. Tell him you've never had pink stinky fingers and he'll give you an extra 10% off! :eek: ;D
:happy: :happy: :happy: Pink stinkies Roflmao hilarious Barskull. i called to talk to Brian about a lake up his way and he was a wealth of knowledge, i didnt end up heading to the lake in the end but the help was fabulous anyhow and he even gave me info on surrounding lakes that i didnt even ask about. I love great customer satisfaction. :thumbup: next time im up there (for chummies) im gonna have to go into the shop.
Thanks.. talked to Brian today and he hooked me up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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