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Why doesn't FN fish for Pinks or Chum on bad Sockeye Years?

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Just a dumb question. Why not strategize, if FN is using the fish to eat, why not fish for Chum or Pinks on low Sockeye years and let them recover; I thought that is what fish management is about. I've fished for all salmon and I don't really like Sockeye, and prefer the Coho, Chum, Springs and Pinks. Just an idea, that has probably been addressed before. Every odd year there are so many pinks out there on the Fraser, and the Chums are almost infest some of the smaller rivers.
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From what i seen the last pink year (2005) I witnessed a first nation member checking his nets and throwing away all pinks in the net, and only keeping sockeye! The back eddy just below the nets were littered with thousands of dead pinks everywhere! I cannot stress enough how one can do such a thing! Don't FN Peoples eat pinks? I was close enough to this person in the boat i was in to clearly see that they were indeed pink salmon being thrown away! I'm thinking there isn't a big market on pink salmon for first nations to sell them, because in grocery stors the sell for around $4 a fish! Is there a market for pink roe? Seems like a waste to me! :wallbash:

Pink roe yes there is a market. The coho love pink roe during a pink year as do sturgeon.
they do. Both chums and pinks are harvested by FN throughout coastal BC. As sockeye are normally so common on the Fraser ,they are less likely to take chum or pink but they certainly do take fish particularly for roe. It is also true they discard fish they don't want. The commercial gillnet fishery has been managed much the same over it's history. My wife's grandfather who grew up in the FV before WW1 remembers that only sockeye were kept and everything else (including springs) were tossed on shore.
maybe a market for fish fertilizer?????? i dont know, anybody???
I guess the same reason that you all don't take em!

hotrod said:
I guess the same reason that you all don't take em!

Hey hotrod, I take pinks and chum. I smoke them, bottle them and bbq them. I have no issues with those fish. I even take white springs. People think those them as too oily, slimy and stinkers, but I can't tell the difference between the red springs, and they are great canned, or smoked. I love all types of salmon but coho is my favorite, I find sockeye low on my list of favorites. If only FN thought the same; maybe they did, maybe Coho was so plentiful before, now looked where there number have dropped. LOL.

Thanks for your reply.
I am happy camper if I bring home any salmon. Usually give most of my fish away, as only keep few in the freezer for making my favourite winter soup - seafood bouillabaisse .
I dont understand what some of you are saying that it doesnt taste good... so what if it doesnt taste good... they are killing pinks and throwing them back into the water, thats just wasting the resource, if its dead already then keep it.
Why not start video taping the abuses seen on the Fraser. Put together a video either long or short and educate the public and then the politicians might listen.
Look how much attention that dolphin docu-horror got (and is getting still!)

I live in the interior where we don't see the crap that goes on the river other than the occasional kid knocking on the door, "Hey mishter, wanna buy some shalmon". Here they shut down the moose season to non-aboriginal hunters 'cuz the FN claimed rights even though moose where never common in the Cariboo-Chilcotin until large scale commercial logging created habitat.

Until politicians are faced with an election issue, they will do nothing or even be conterproductive in our efforts. Politicians are more scared of Oka and/or Gustafson FN actions than they are of a bunch of pissed off non-aboriginal fishermen.

"Lets go fishing till its illegal" is the option for inaction!

Start putting video on U-tube, etc
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