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Why don't you use the "Search" feature & "Personal message" features?

With all the new members joining and seemingly asking the same questions, I thought it might help some of you that using the "search" feature on this site can often get you the information you require without putting a post onto the main board. It is very simple to use. Just type in some key words like "roe bags", "roe sacs", or "cured roe", "fishing knots" etc. and click on search...
The archives will automatically bring up the topics. Sometimes you have to change the word a bit, but if you give it a try you may not have to wait for answer that is not exactly what you are looking for.
I bring this to your attention so you may attain your information quickly and directly. If you read a post with specifics on your topic, then use the "Personal Messaging" feature and contact the member with all the techniques you are looking for directly.
All you need to do is click on the members name and scroll the page and you will be able to send a PM or an email directly to the member....
Try It! You might be surprised as to what has been discussed......Ortho 8)

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Re: Why don't you use the "Search" feature & "Personal message" features?

THANK YOU! I was meaning to post this awhile back when I noticed the increase in traffic on our forum. Now if we can just get folks from outside the Lower maniland to contribuute more, I think we'll be on our way! Thanks to the mods and Baerg for your hard work.
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