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For some of you hard core fisherman even the fact that I am asking about fishing this stream may sound nuts but I used to live in the puddle up to 2002 and used to get some nice trout out of that creek.
I have found that most water up there in the boo hold some fish and after spending time on both Williams Lake and on Williams Creek worked out ways to consistently catch some very respectable Rainbow in both.

I was just up there for a quick trip passing through and decided to spend a couple hours at the creek to my amazement I quickly discovered another Govt. project that had blocked access to the once easily accessible stream
by means of a series of fences. I did not let that deter me and soon located some old familiar holes. I pulled many of the usual sucker fish as per normal but not a single Rainbow was to be had.
They were once plentiful in there and I am just wondering what the heck happened?
I do know that the extreme drought conditions of a few years back did dry out the creek but figured some trout would have survived and come back since the water levels are normal again.
Was I just having one very unlucky day? or have the Bows vanished?

God Bless;
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