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Welcome masterangler,,, :) :) :)

Its just the beginning of Steelhead season in the lower mainland, the best bet for you to run into Steelhead is probably the Vedder right now. Its easily accessed and has a good reputation for producing Steelies. Also you may find some trout in there as well.

I posted the map of the Vedder here - http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q261/steely_crazy/maps-vedder_river_salmon_jpg.jpg - although since that map was published we had the big flood and the rivers slightly changed. However its enough to get started and get you there.

Check out the local tackle shops around the Vedder, they have a wealth of knowledge and also Freds has a winter steelheading course which is excellent if you havent fished for steelhead before.

http://www.fredscustomtackle.com/ - they are right beside the river basically.

http://www.reactionbaits.com/ - not quite at the river but close.

I havent done a lot of lake fishing for trout but I hear there are some great lakes close to the city which are stocked, again the tackle shops can help with locations.

Good luck.
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