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Was anyone else out today and saw all the wood and huge chunks of foam in the water?

I wasn't on the water just talked to a guy @ the Burrard Civic Marina launch and he said he didn't even fish it was so bad-didn't want to bang up his prop.

Then I remembered the odd shaped chunk of wood I saw floating near Granville Island-definitely a chunk of boat-heading around Kits point I could see huge dirty kitchen table-sized chunks of foam being blown into False Creek-an ugly situation.

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Combination high flow and high tide will do it. I've been amazed at some of the things floating down that river,docks , barges,cars,small islands.Yes I noticed it too.You should see whats coming out of the Harrison right now!

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Not sure what type of 'wood' you are referring to Dog......but this article could explain if you were seeing lots of wood that was not logs etc.

House overboard washes up on Vancouver beaches
Jun, 26 2006 - 1:30 PM

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - Hard to beat this moving nightmare...
Debris resulting from a barge mishap is washing up on several Vancouver beaches.

The Vancouver Park board says lifeguards and maintenance crews are working to inform patrons about any safety concerns.

On the weekend, a barge was moving a house when the building fell into the ocean and broke up-- releasing the contents of the house.

Beaches impacted so far include Locarno, Kitsilano, English Bay, Sunset, and the dog off-leash area at Vanier Park.
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