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Taras Grescoe has just published a great article - unless you're a fishfarmer - in the NY Times:


You can order his excellent book - "Bottomfeeder: How to Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood" (released on 29th April)- via:

Any of you still on the fence on the net-pen issue? I highly recommend reading his work.

Any of you interested in reading a synopsis of the Grescoe book, email me - [email protected] - and I'll forward you the excellent and informative email I received from Don Staniford (WSA: Committee) of the Pure Salmon organization.

Standing for Wild Salmon,
Terry Anderson

Wild Salmon Alliance

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You make some pretty sensationalistic - and grossly unsubstantiated - claims about the infiltration of this website by "net-pen fishfarmers" and the conspiracy they have to instill "confusion". Your statements are aimed at pressuring the owner and moderators of this site to act in a certain manner that is congruent only to your own personal agenda...and it is not appreciated.

Unless you have proof that your claims have even a hint of truth to them, I suggest that you remove such implications from your posts and stick to the facts. Your aggressive tactics are mildly offensive to me, and I suspect to most intelligent people out there. While we may agree on a lot of the issues that you are so passionate about, if you continue with the "in your face" strategy that you employ, you will soon find many dismissing your posts as the rambling of a paranoid fool, and all the good information that you have posted will be dismissed and lost.

This website is free for members to use as a medium for intelligent and cordial debate. There will be no censorship just because it is suggested that the one perspective fits the worldview of a "sportsfisherman". Anyone who is viewed as an agitator and is regularly responsible for the degeneration of the morale of this site will quickly find themselves on the wrong side of the Ban List. Let this be fair warning (and no, I am on the payroll of the Ministry of Health and have nothing to do with the fish farming community). ;)

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Howdy Stoney,

Thanks for the reply... or condemnation; not certain which would fit best.

You have accused me of being sensationalistic and spreading grossly unsubstantiated claims on this website. Okay, in my zest to spread the 'Anti net-pen Gospel' amongst my fellow half-million or more BC sportfishermen, perhaps I have been a little crass and, on at least one-point, presumptuous. As I am not a frequent-flyer on this forum, I guess it was premature to suggest that there are in fact fishfarmers and other industry supporters lurking here as they are elsewhere. For this impolite transgression and the use of language that offended yours and others sensitive ears, I apologize.My intent is not to offend my fellow sportfishermen; only to wake them up.

Yet, if you listened carefully to my words perhaps you, too, could sense my frustration. Since I've taken a stand against the open net-pen industry, beginning with an essay in 1999, a BC Outdoors magazine article in 02' and more recently the formation of the Wild Salmon Alliance, I find it appalling that the overwhelming majority of the half-million or more licensed 'sporties' in BC could care less about the known impacts of the net-pen industry upon our environment and wild fishes.

I am a carpenter and a sportfisherman and my motives/objectives have been made clear from the outset - GET THE NET-PENS OUT OF OUR WATER!

Still, I get flack from the industry and I get flack from the likes of you who claim to be sportfisherman. My posts on the (Edited by Mod) forum are being censored. Why, you ask? You tell me. Here's the (offensive) post that was offhandedly removed from the site by a moderator calling himself (Editted by Mod):



Before I move on to the meat of this post, I am compelled to offer up an apology to my fellow sportfishermen on this forum. Regardless that I am a relatively new member here, it seems to me that the number of posts about and around the fishfarming debate have increased dramatically. Going back a few months when I first began jousting the subject with the likes of (Edited by Mod), it seemed he was the only fishfarmer lurking about the (Edited by Mod) forum; now there are several like him, hanging out there and on other forums - like a gang of pyromaniac's in a forest - spreading their 'nice-fishfarmer' rhetoric on a daily basis.

Personally, I find their presence here extremely offensive and I have withdrawn from debating with them in favor of a more productive expenditure of my time helping the Wild Salmon Alliance (WSA) move its agendas forward.

For those of you who are as offended as I am by - what I feel is - the increased industry presence here, and as well, feel that I had anything to do with it, I offer my sincere apologies to you all, here and now.

I will not forget that the WSA was born right here amongst my fellow sportfishermen and I can assure all of you that the WSA and I are doing all we can to make sure there are some wild-fish around for us as well as our children and grandchildren. This agenda includes, first and foremost, ridding our coastline of the open net-pen fishfarms.

It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce to you today that three of the WSA Committee members, Alexandra Morton, Dr. John Volpe, Craig Murray, together with others from the First Nations have just finished producing a new - two part - short film by Twyla Roscovich.

If any of you sportfishermen out there are still on the fence when it comes to this disgusting industry, I heartily encourage you to watch it. Twyla's awesome work is winning steadily increasing applause among the opposition to this industry, and certainly will leave the fishfarmers 'shakin-in-their-boots!'

Part one: http://youtube.com/watch?v=8Dt3sNpaX0E
Part two: http://youtube.com/watch?v=KbHfX9SEcDI

Many good people like Twyla, Alex, John, and Don Staniford have been working hard for years to get the word out about this indefensibly destructive business.

I'm with John Volpe on this one. If we sit back on our laurel's and watch our government and the Norwegian's have their way with our Wild Salmon and coastal marine ecology, in ten years sportfishing as we know it here on our Coast - will be done!

Please spread the word and pass along these video links.


Standing for Wild Salmon,

Terry Anderson

Wild Salmon Alliance

Offensive? I think maybe, if you're a fishfarmer.

When I asked him why he removed it, here was his reply (much less subtle and articulate than yours):

yes , I axed your post!! It turned into crap by the second post and
deleted the whole thing!! I see you have posted twice now about
censorship on the (Edited by Mod) site! We don't have to take a vote here as
this is a private site! I have other things to do beside mod on here
all day!! If you have a problem with what we do, TRY EMAIL THE MODS
INSTEAD OF ON THE MAIN PAGE!! It will get you nowhere at all but to
manage to piss us off!!

The other thing is you want to use the (Edited by Mod) site to promote your

Your other two post are beening axed too!

(Edited by Mod)


I'm sick to death of folks who understand the problems with the industry yet won't lift a hand to do something about it.

You want me to stick to the facts?

Okay, you do the fishfarm-math my friend, then tell me what I'm missing here:

Equation: Industry/product = Cost/benefit to BC

95% Foreign-owned industry + 90% product produced to feed America =
tons of pollution/escaped(reproducing)non-indigeonous fish/disease-parasite transfer, minimal job creation and economic benifit.

Actually I'm a firm believer in democracy and free-speach. Perhaps the root of my anxiety - and my great frustration - lies in my perception of the industry: I see them and our collusive government as nothing less than criminals - guilty of environmental rape, while it seems you, and others who use the wild resource, see them as useful and deserving participants in a discussion.

In that vein, perhaps we should petition Corrections Canada to allow Clifford Olson the democratic-latitude to participate in on-line Family Forum discussions.

Standing for Wild Salmon,

Terry Anderson

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"In that vein, perhaps we should petition Corrections Canada to allow Clifford Olson the democratic-latitude to participate in on-line Family Forum discussions"

While I believe open net fish farms are a detriment to our wild salmon and the overall health of our oceans, using an analogy including Clifford Olson is offensive and does not help your cause one bit.

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Terry, I am in full agreement with you about fishfarms and the direction they must take, BUT, you must refrain from alienating the very people that will bring about change, the users of the resource, in this case anglers.

While typically folks on fishing forums seldom reach beyond "internet ranting", certainly they can be polarized into action via constant reminder of why they need to get involved to stop farming.

As for the "farmers", they are very much allowed to post on these forums just like anyone and I agree that I would ignore their debates and simply post more facts when they challenge you.

I think it best for the cause, to leave the site bashing(you know the ones, they stink) alone and concentrate on how we can gain allies in the battle for our waters and wild fish.

I would like everyone who reads this to consider this, WHY are these foreign companies using our waters to produce and harvest Atlantic salmon to sell to an American market??.

-they were kicked out of other countries INCLUDING THEIR OWN.
-our govt allows them to net without the proper procedures to protect wild fish :pissed:.
-our vast coastline and small population makes them less visible and accountable
- no one else will have them

The fact that they are endangering our wild salmon to feed mostly non Canadians, is criminal and not something I will allow my children to be burdened with.

My motto is " Fix it or leave" bottom line.

I truly hope the moderators do not allow their personal views and opinions(regarding farming and Terry's approach) to hamper this topic from being top page on the forum.

I compare it to the Pitt river situation, help was needed to garner suppport to protect that area and the forums were important in getting people involved or at least informed.
Same situation as the farms, many of the folks who fought the Pitt project are fighting the farm issue and to deny them their right to inform people of the problem is in contradiction to what happened with the Pitt issue.

If you want people to help your cause it is always important to support theirs or at the very least not bury it in some remote corner of a fishing forum.

IMO people are letting this one fly under the wire and we may lose much more than the Steelhead and Salmon if we let things go on like this.

keep up the good work Terry and realize that many fishing forums are there to generate business $$ for their owners, BCFR is not that kind of forum, but others you have mentioned are and they only look to increase business, using censorship when they see fit. That is why frankly they stink.

Go where the people will get involved and take notice and completely forget the make money sites with the trgger fingers.
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