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And yeah, I'm hooked for good. The satisfaction I got from landing that Coho after a day of fishing, four lost lures and a broken reel is indescribable! (I fought the fish without a reverse break and a couple of grinding gears; a good challenge)

I am not new to fishing; I lived in Ottawa up to recently, fished for almost all freshwater species. (yes, gar included). I guided up north also, something I would like to try here

Anyways, next up: Pinks!


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Hey beauty coho garman!!! Nicely done...

Just for public interest sake, everyone should please remember there is a no fishing for coho, no retention of coho all throughout the Fraser river right now. Now, I am sure this lovely coho of garmin's was not caught on the Fraser, however, I wouldn't want any unknowing angler to go out there on the Fraser and keep one if they caught one just on the basis of this report...check you regs everyone, remember to carefully release any coho you might intercept on the Fraser while fishing for other species...

If you go fishing where Garmin was, or anywhere else the regs allow retention, then all the power to ya, and good luck!

May you be as successful and enjoy your day as much as he has!

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