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Well I had been itching to launch my boat for three weeks.
Last few days had been torture as the water slowly made it's way up the Kilby launch ramp. :p

I got my old prop cut off as it was seized on and a new rebuild prop installed. :roll:
I had lovingly scrubbed my little 14 foot fibreglass whaler clone with a 50 hp merc outboard from stem to stern.
Even ran the motor at home to make certain all was well.

Hooked up and away I went Wednesday morning about nine am.
Thw water which had been up had dropped again, but I was not put off.
There was still a good ten feet of ramp under water so I thought i would be good to go.
Now I have launched this boat plenty of times before so I ran the checklist
1. plugs in. check
2. straps undone, check
3. trailer rope unhooked check.
4. key in ignition check
5. fuel ok check
6. painter line secured to trailer so that boat stays put, check :shock:

Hey not so fast with that last check as sure enough the only line holding the boat to the trailer snaps.
What happens next is only funny now after the fact.
In horror I watch my lovely little boat start to float out to the middle of the Harrison river.
Shock and panic as thoughts of the Fraser eating my poor boat for it's breakfast runs through my head.
Only one thing to do as I am alone no boats or people around at all.
Like clark kent changing into superman I whip off my pants coat etc.
In I go, Holy shit the water is cold!
I had ran down the beach a bit and managed to plot an intercept course with the boat, now at least 50 yards from shore.
Gotcha as I reach out and grab a line as the boat floats gently by me.
Relief would be an understatement as I haul the boat back to the beach.
My skin had turned an interesting bright red from the cold, and then I noticed a truck had pulled up with a couple of onlookers that had witnessed my boat rescue.
They actually offered me a cup of coffee which was nice of them but I had one thing on my mind and that was to get home ASAP.

Will try again on Saturday.
:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

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oops :?
suggest having a spare rope in the truck with a graple hook on it
and a float attached to your boat rope so it can be hooked from the water if this happens again :)
better luck next trip out :D

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Sounds like you dodged a major bullit there U-B! But don't beat your self up. If a guy was to hang around any boat launch long enough he could write a best seller. Ive had to get stitches on two different occasions for my own launch and recovery efforts. Not to mention property damage to boat and vehicle. There is one thing you need to work on , and that is you have to still go fishing no matter what happens! :lol: Tight lines if you know what I mean.

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Good to hear everything worked out ok unc, someone would've had a nice present otherwise... :D
Takes balls man to dive into that water, scary! What a rush it must've been... How strong was the current? Your heart must've been pounding!!!! and yes, in hindsight, that's classically hilarious :lol: :lol: :lol:
Glad to know you're OK,

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I am happy to say that the current was very gentle and my pride only bruised a very little.
My neighbours are enjoying the event quite a bit more than I did lol.
The water was not as cold as you would think.

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"The water was not as cold as you would think."

It is funny how time dulls the memory, I have been in cold water on a few occassions and it is always easier to make such bold statements after the fact.
I would be willing to bet that that river felt a tad bit more chilly a few days ago than it does now.

Just happy that you are still with us to tell the tale us Anglers have lost a few friends along the way and anytime life and property are preserved it is a blessing indeed.
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