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Eight different spots in nine days. Was not planned but it happened! Did not really catch many fish but it was fun and most of these spots were new to me so a lot of the time was spent exploring.

Sun 20 - Nile Creek and Big Qualicum River - Decide to head up-island to try flyfishing off the beaches of Nile Creek for Pinks for the first time. Made it up there and it was blown out so I went to the Big Qualicum for the first time. Managed a small cuttie on a bead head nymph under the highway bridge. I hear that there should be more cutties up higher on the river. Go to leave the hatchery parking lot and the tie rod on my car breaks. Somehow I drove it to Nile Creek and park it and fish the evening high tide. No fish around but there are reports that a few are trickling in now and then. There are some cutties about but I did not try for them. Beautiful sunset.

Mon 21 - Nile Creek - Beautiful sunrise. Take my car to get repaired then spend the rest of the day around Nile Creek and fished it in the morning and evening high tides. Fish were still not around but two fish trickled in in the evening and were promptly caught (by others). Fishing the extreme high tide is difficult as you would invariably catch seaweed on every cast. Remember to take band-aids or stripping guards for your fingers. I went through three fingers in three days.

Tues 22 - Nile Creek and Little Qualicum River. One pink caught (not by me) in the early morning then nothing. I think it was the only one to float in overnight and it met an untimely end. Car was fixed so I decided to head for home but ended up at Little Qualicum, one of my favorite rivers as I fished it when I was younger. Fished along the hatchery stretch but did not really catch anything except smolts. Heard the cutthroat were further up the river.

Wed 23 - Rest day and some work. Booooo!

Thursday 24- Somewhere on the Island? -Beach fished for pinks and managed 5 in about 4 hours. Used Pink Eve's and green handlebars exclusively.

Fri 25 - Skagit - First time to the Skagit River. Due to some time constraints and other factors we had limited mobility and ended up fishing along only one run. Managed to catch two between my brother and myself on small dry flies (dont no the name but I chose them because they looked similar to a Lady Mcconnell which I heard worked well). My Dad was skunked. Beautifull river which I would like to explore some more when I get the chance.

Sat 26 - Thompson River - Finally made it to the T to try my hand at some of the nice rainbows. This is a big intimidating river. Drove around looking for access to the river. Fished mainly around Spences Bridge. Worked a big back eddy with some dry flies and hooked three but lost them all and had a few more rises. Lots of wave action and currents in the eddy made it difficult to keep slack out of the line which I believe prevented me from getting a good hook set. Used Stimulators and California Blondes. I was warned it would be hot and windy and it was. Saw a few people fishing for Chinooks also. Would love to get a pontoon boat and drift this river to access some of those nice looking spots you see from way up on the highway. Those rapids look treacherous!!

Sun 27 - Glimpse Lake - First time to this lake. Wind was up but wanted to try my new belly boat out so I kicked around for an hour until the wind got stonger. One nice fish (2-3 lbs) on but lost it. Its becoming a theme. Was using a dragon fly nymph and a sink tip.

Mon 28 - Peter Hope(Less) Lake - Trolled a dragon fly nymph until I found a nice spot out of the wind and worked the dropoff with a dragon as well as a caddis like nymph. no luck so I trolled the nymph back to the dock. Saw a few large caddis flies early with a few rises but I did not have any with me in my fly box.

Time to do a little work now!
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